2015 Exhibition


12 wonderfully talented artists, exhibiting creative visions and insight into animals, while advocating support and protection of the environments they live in.


cheryl ehlers

painter | instructor

Painting since childhood, “Art at is best is a creation pulled from your emotions.  A beautiful unplanned moment in time. As Curator for the Zooinitas exhibition I am honored to be among such wonderful artists". Cheryl is a published award winning artist who wears many hats.  As an author of the local ARTBUZZ newsletter, Founder of The Stardust Arts, a non-profit visual art youth program recognized by the California State Assembly, a Fine Arts Ad-visor to TERi Inc., a local organization that cares for individuals who have autism or other developmental disabilities, an Arts Program Assistant for the City of Encinitas, an artist for the United Nations Education for Peace Campaign, past-president of the San Dieguito Art Guild and a member of numerous local art organization - Life is full of Art!


bobbie harrington

painter | instructor

As a child, Bobbi Harrington already had the passion of an artist as she was always drawing. At the age of 13, she began oil painting. She is primarily self-taught, but has taken lessons from many great teachers over the years. In return, for over 30 years, she has been teaching others who share her passion. Bobbi has had numerous one-woman exhibitions within the United States. She created an eight-plate series for Lenox titled: "Just Cubs" in the early 1990's. More recently, she completed murals for a pediatric complex, which included waiting rooms, hallways and offices. One of her dolphin paintings was licensed for t-shirts that sold in Japan. She was also invited to show in an exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum where she sold some works as well. (760)726-6087

darlene katz

 painter | instructor

Darlene Katz is an award winning artist, born and raised in Syracuse, NY, now based in Southern California. Darlene’s award winning work is displayed in Southern California galleries and national juried shows, in addition to private and corporate collections.  Her inspiration comes from her travels as well as everyday scenes. She creates a series of oil paintings for each subject she paints, which highlight her versatility with color, value, and subject matter.  Darlene paints landscapes, figures, portraits and animals. She enjoys capturing special moments of our lives on canvas, whether it’s a wedding, birth, or a dog with a favorite toy. Her work is technically proficient without losing the freshness of her painting, no matter what the subject, and her unique style is recognizable in all of her work. See www.studiokatz.com or dogsbykatz.com to view Darlene's portfolio and a complete list of current and upcoming exhibits. Commissions are welcome.

Artist Statement:  

I am a scientist by training and an artist by choice and I believe that identical skills are necessary for both art and science. Art requires a knowledge of technical information and science requires creativity. Both are necessary to develop an emotional response in the observer.  In my own paintings, I look for value, composition and simplicity.  Subject matter is also important, but the power and resulting statement of my paintings comes from the technical interpretation of the work.  My goal for each painting is to capture and preserve a special moment in time because no matter what the subject matter, that moment is unique.




thomas thomas woodworker

What is Art to me?  A God-given gift or talent to create stuff. True art isn’t about sales, it’s about the ability to freely express yourself in whatever way makes you happy, no matter how light or dark the content night be. Regarding art education that was given to me at birth and enhanced by life.  Yes, I know this is a simple statement but that’s the beauty of art . t.twice.tt1@gmail.com

     tish wynne, painter

I have been drawing and painting since the day my mom gave me crayons. I have a love for wildlife and nature, I love color and am notafraid to use it in its fullest. I enjoy painting in acrylic most of all, but Iam not limited to any mediums, like water colors, pen & ink, oils, penciletc... some of my works have won awards at the San Diego County fair and otherlocations. I do paint commission pieces, pet portraits, murals and more. www.tishart1.com

stephen  gary frank


I am an artist. I have been making art prior to any formal education. When introduced to public education, the only classes I ever looked forward to were art. I continued art in college and worked on a never finished master’s degree in painting. Eventually I became an attorney in order support myself and family, and when time permitted, kept artwork practice as my passion. I simply enjoy the process of creating visual things. Making art is my way to communicate to the world. The process involves observation and absorbing of the world around me, distilling it in, then making a visual compilation with no particular set plan to follow. Much of my artwork comes out as a surprise to me as I incorporate in differing materials and techniques; whatever it takes to make that piece work. After 50 plus years of making art, doing sheet metal work, building surfboards and helicopters, I have learned many skills which I incorporate into the art. Sometimes I am lucky enough to produce a beautiful mistake. At this point, I identify myself as a journeyman, and art is my journey .artistlooseination@sbcglobal.net


painter | instructor  

Lovejoy graduated from Savannah College of Art &Design in 2003. Her goal when leaving Savannah was to earn a living as anartist and to be creative and active every day. She then spent the next seven years developing her style with the palette knife and bold use of color in Sedona, AZ. “I usually don't know what my final art piece will look like when Istart, only the subject and basic composition. Finding most of my creative flow within the wildlife genre, I developed a way to sculpt with paint, layer by layer.Creating a beautiful play of lights and shadows, full of unexpected colors side by side. It’s a dance, a push and pull until the form becomes whole. I find so much peace when I’m creating,” In Sedona, Lovejoy commissioned and sold a well-rounded collection of artwork, including the creation of a 51x7 ft. public mural titled, A Timeless Day in Sedona. Lovejoy also enjoys the outdoors –mountain biking, hiking, exploring, and loving life – which all tie in and inspire her creativity.

Lovejoy currently resides in San Diego, CA and operates a studio/gallery in historic Liberty Station where she teaches painting and encaustic classes and sells original works of art.



joan hansen, 

painter | instructor

As artists we have the opportunity to express our unique thoughts and passions through the medium of our choice. Interwoven through my work are threads of organic line and luminous color.  The organic line symbolizes my love of nature, and the luminous color expresses my continuing passion for the vibrancy of life. I am intrigued by observing and painting the eternal dance of light and shadow. Have you ever been so close to an okapi that you can see the twinkle in her eye? And what kind of animal is she? The Okapi is a relative of the giraffe, and was first discovered in the dense rain forest of Africa. The velvety coat is a deep brown color with beautiful white striping on the legs and rear. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to travel to exotic places to see wildlife, Zoonitas will bring images of these unique animals to you. You will be able to interact with 3D animals, and see dynamic paintings of wildlife..

www. joanhansenart.com

  krista timberlake

graphic designer | artist

I hail from Western Massachusetts, where I grew up in a family and community of artists and crafts-people & developed my love of nature & the outdoors. After attending UVM for premed & Savannah College of Art & Design, I earned my BFA from UMASS, Amherst. As an avid cyclist, yogini, hiker, weightlifter, fitness enthusiast & general outdoorswoman, I have a great appreciation for the great outdoors and the natural world. Artistically, I have always been drawn to depict animals in addition to people, especially in a whimsical manner. There is no shortage of fascinating, unusual subjects in the animal kingdom. In all my work, I am intrigued by line, texture and color, and am most drawn to using watercolor as it is unpredictable. The most interesting things happen in my work when “mistakes” occur- unplanned reactions between pigment & paper that I will never be able to duplicate. I currently live in Vista, work as a graphic designer at The Upper Deck Company, & freelance as a graphic & web designer and fine artist.


adele richert, painter

Richert works primarily in oil and has also created wildlife art in pen and ink, graphite, watercolor, and mixed media.  Her subjects are wildlife, still life and landscape en plein air.  Mis Richert's intention is to show the beauty the world has to offer, if remember to take the time to see it.If we, as artists, can bring awareness to others about the wildlife that is threatened with extinction, either by loss of habitat or hunting, hopefully we can help to save these animals for future generations to enjoy and observe in their natural habitat, and in zoos, such as the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, which are working on public awareness and wildlife conservation for these incredible species.  I had the amazing opportunity to visit Tanzania and observe wildlife in its natural habitat, where I was able  to capture this magnificent lion during a photo safari.  I am  thrilled to be exhibiting my painting of him in the Zooinitas Exhibit 2014. www.richertstudios.com

linda luisi

 muralist | painter | instructor


Linda's work is known for depth and dimension. She designs murals to give the illusion that a small room is larger, or that a vast space feels cozier. She has 25 years of creating murals and designs fro corporations, hospitals, resorts and private clients across the United States. She acquired skills from the School of Museum and Fine Arts,, Boston and from Tufts University (BFA) degree.  She provides lessons and workshops, murals and paintings, photo restoration, graphics and illustration,  http://lindaluisi.com.


zooinitas@gmail.com  |  (760) 519-1551